On a regular basis, explain and outline new and pending laws on website
Explain important changes in laws concerning employers, insurance, etc.
Promote and organize Victoria Day at the State Capitol every other year
On a regular basis, research various issues affecting business and our community and possibly suggest positions for Chamber members to take on these issues


The Legislative Committee of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce met on November 14th and decided on 6 areas of concentration that the Chamber will focus on during the 83rd Texas Legislative Session. The areas of concentration that the Chamber will be involved are:

Education ? Both local and higher education.

Water ? Speaker Strauss has already commented that he wishes to begin to tackle the State?s water issues in this session.

Texas Wind Insurance Act ? TWIA, as it is known, will adversely affect the cost of insurance for counties along the coast. Some estimates raise the cost of insurance between 20 ? 40% on both home and businesses.

Economic Development ? Economic Development is the lifeblood of our State. If we are not growing we are losing ground. Locally and statewide we need to continue to fund economic development projects that will bring quality, high-paying jobs to our region and the State.

Transportation ? From I69 to our rails and waterways, Victoria is well positioned for the future growth in our region. We must be proactive to develop our infrastructure for growth and ascertain the resources we need to secure the future of the region.

Healthcare ? Specifically the effect of the Affordable Healthcare Act on small business.

Two Hundred and fifty bills were filed on the first day of pre-filing on Monday November 12th. Some 7,000 bills will be filed during this session of which approximately 1,800 will become law. As we move into the session, some bills that will affect our area, small business and industry in our region will appear. Some will be good for us locally and some will not. The Victoria Chamber will be tracking bills that will have an impact on our region and will at times need member?s support to deal with issues that arise. Look for the Chamber to call on you and your business when that need arises.

With some 7,000 bills being filed in this session, we are not always aware of every bill that will have a positive or negative impact on our members. If there is an issue that you need us to help with that affects you or your business please contact, Randy Vivian, President/CEO of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce at (361) 573-5277 or email him at randyvivian@victoriachamber.org.